Invited talks and workshops


Bates, K. E., (2023) Understanding the adolescent social environment: big data, charity collaboration, and working with young people. Utrecht University, Netherlands, March 2023

Bates, K. E., (2023) Adversity in adolescence. Donder’s Institute, Netherlands, April 2023

Bates, K. E. (2022) Testing a developmental cascade model: the relationship between positive social experience and cortical structure in early adolescence. Harvard University, Boston, US, November 2022

Bates, K. E. (2022) Translating youth mental health research to policy. Delivery Analysis Team, No10 Downing Street, London, UK, July 2022

Bates, K. E., Inman, A. (2022) Analysis of Practitioner Survey Waves 1-10: How have the issues young people face changed over time? Barnardo’s Children’s Charity, London, UK, May 2022

Bates, K. E., Farran, E. K. (2019), Investigating the components of mental imagery and their contribution to mathematics performance. British Psychological Society Cognitive and Development Section Annual Conference, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, September 2019


Bates, K. E., Booth, L. (2019), Introduction to the Science of Learning (Audience: general public). Extreme Imagination Conference for Individuals with Aphantasia and Hyperphantasia, Exeter, UK. Attended by over 160 participants

Bates, K. E., (2019), Dispelling myths in the Science of Learning (Audience: school staff). Taunton, UK. Presented evidence on topics within the science of learning, produced resource for school staff based on discussion

Bates, K. E., (2019), What is Neuroscience? (Audience: children age 6-11 years). Taunton, UK. Presentation, discussions and activities on what is neuroscience and how we investigate brain development.